Hand Sanitizers

Browse our extensive range of hand sanitizer products, including sanitizer gel, sprays, sanitizing stations/soap dispensers, refills, and travel-sized bottles, in stock for immediate USA shipping.

Hand Sanitizer Options

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand Sanitizer gel offers the most complete coverage of any of the products, helping to maximize the antibacterial properties and kill germs, to safeguard your employees and customers.

Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Sanitizer sprays are an alternative to gels that use a lot less product per dose (so saving costs) but don't offer as complete a coverage as the gel.

Mini/Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer

If you need smaller sized hand sanitizer bottle, either for travel or for ease of storage in an office desk or at home, then out travel size range is perfect.

Hand Sanitizer Refills

Refill bottles are perfect when buying hand sanitizer in bulk for a lot of stations in your business. With sizes up to a 1-gallon jug available, you'll be able to make some fantastic savings by buying in high volume upfront.

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

If you're conscious about keeping your skin healthy after multiple uses of sanitizer throughout the day, then our moisturizing range is ideal. It kills germs effectively whilst also moisturizing your skin.

Pump Bottle Hand Sanitizer

If you don't want an automatic dispenser, then the next best option for a commercial environment is to use a pump bottle hand sanitizer. These can be situated throughout a business, so people can safely self-apply their hand sanitizer when they feel the need.

Advanced Medical/Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer

If you're looking for hand sanitizer for a healthcare/medical environment, or need hospital-grade hand sanitizer, then the main product we offer is the Safetec SaniZide Pro 1, which has 72% Ethyl Alcohol.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

To help distribute hand sanitizer and encourage frequent use, choose a hand sanitizer dispenser.

They've available in both automatic touch-free dispensers, and stands that use the pump-action gel dispensers.

Hand Hygiene: These are ideal for placement in public areas, hospitals/medical facilities, supermarkets, restrooms, kitchens, offices, and any other environment where you might not have access to soap and water (or where people are less likely to use it). They can also be purchased for janitorial supplies.

They also give customers the reassurance that you're helping to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Wholesale Prices

You can shop all of our hand sanitizer inventory at wholesale prices online, or contact us for a custom quote.

Sizes of Hand Sanitizer

We stock a wide range of sizes for our hand sanitizer, from small 2oz containers/squeeze bottles, up to 1 gallon jumbo bottles.

The full size list is:

  • 2 oz
  • 4oz
  • 8 oz
  • 16 oz
  • 32 oz
  • 1 Gallon

What is Liquid Hand Sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid, foam, or gel that's used to kill bacterial germs on the hands (when hand soap and water aren't available) for disease control. They are not effective against mold spores.

The main active ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol, usually Ethyl Alcohol or IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)

How Effective is Hand Sanitizer

The CDC states that handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the most effective way to remove germs related to COVID-19, but advise to use hand sanitizer made from at least 60% alcohol when you don't have access to soap and water

We also stock a range of face masks and isolation gowns as part of our PPE range.

Custom Quotations for Hand Sanitizers

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