Medical Isolation Gowns

Medical gowns are one of many pieces of essential personal protective equipment used in healthcare and laboratory settings or services. Isolation gowns provide vital protection to the wearer, preventing the spread of infection or illness if the wearer comes into contact with potentially infected liquids or solid materials. They also assist in avoiding the transfer of microorganisms that can harm vulnerable work or patients with weakened immune systems.

Our isolation gowns and protective clothing offer a wide variety of FDA, CE, 510K registered or approved options to provide an optimum solution for a vast assortment of needs. Whether you seek to purchase bulk isolation gowns, a custom order, or smaller quantities, our versatile options will meet your requirements.

This extensive range of isolation gowns is available for diverse uses, color options, or materials such as comfortable and breathable Tyvek, SMS, polypropylene (PP), or extended liquid protection isolation polyethylene (PE) coated gowns. We provide AAMI levels 1 to 4 for our isolation gowns, but if you are unsure which level is correct for you, we can assist.

  • Level 1 is for minimal risk situations and environments, such as basic care and standard hospital medical units. Level 1 gowns or bulk isolation gowns provide a slight barrier to small amounts of fluid penetration.
  • Level 2 is for low-risk situations. Low-risk situations include blood drawn from a vein, suturing, intensive care units, and pathology labs. Level 2 isolation gowns provide a barrier to more significant amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking.
  • Level 3 isolation gowns are for moderate risk situations that can include emergency rooms, trauma, arterial blood draw, or inserting an IV. Level 3 gowns provide a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and more fluid exposure through soaking than the level 2 gowns.
  • Level 4 gowns are for high-risk situations that involve infectious diseases (non-airborne), large amounts of fluid exposure over long periods, and pathogen resistance. Level 4 prevents all fluid penetration for up to 1 hour and may avoid penetration of viruses for up to 1 hour.

If you are still hesitant in picking which isolation gowns are right for your organizations' needs, we are more than happy to assist you. Please take a look at our Request a Custom Quote, or reach out to us via our contact form, email us at, or call toll-free, Monday through Friday, 9 AM until 6 PM EST at (877) 877-7274.

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