Posted by Fred Koenig on Aug 7th 2020

PPE Removal Order: How to Remove PPE Correctly

At ROMI Medical we have already discussed the importance of proper PPE donning. The removal, or doffing, of PPE is just as important to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. The CDC has provided two doffing sequences, both of which will keep you free from contamination and keep all of your patients safe.

If your hands touch a contaminated area during any of the following steps, please wash or sanitize them thoroughly before moving on.

PPE Doffing Order Sequence 1

Step 1: Gloves

Start by grasping the palm area of one glove and peel it off. While still holding the removed glove in your gloved hand, slide your fingers underneath the remaining glove and peel that of as well. This should result in the second glove holding the first, making it easier to dispose of in a waste container.

Step 2: Eye Protection

Since the front will be contaminated, goggles and face shields should always be removed from the back. This is done by lifting the headband over the head or unhooking the earpieces. Reusable equipment can be placed in a designated receptacle and taken in for reprocessing. Others can simply be discarded.

Step 3: Gown

Without letting the contaminated sleeves touch your body, unfasten the ties at the back and grasp the inside portion at the collar. Peel it away at the neck and shoulders, and turn the gown inside out. Once it’s folded forward or rolled into a bundle, discard it immediately.

Step 4: Mask

Remove a standard surgical mask by untying the top ties and then the bottom, being careful not to touch the front. If using a respirator, grab both ties and bring them over your head.

Once it’s removed, it can be tossed into the proper waste container.

Step 5: Sanitize

Once everything has been removed, wash hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer with at least 70 percent alcohol.

This second sequence eliminates a step, saving time and making it fit for professionals who are seeing multiple patients back-to-back. As with the first sequence, please wash or sanitize your hands if they touch contamination at any point.

PPE Doffing Order Sequence 2

Step 1: Gown and Gloves

The isolation gown and gloves can be removed together.

Start by grasping the front of the gown with your gloved hands and pull it away from your body until the ties at the back break. Fold or roll the gown as you continue to remove it, turning it inside out. Pull off your gloves at the same time, making sure that your bare hands only touch the insides of the gloves and gown.

Once everything has been carefully rolled up into a ball, dispose it into a waste container.

Step 2: Eye Protection

Remove goggles or face shield as described.

Step 3: Mask

Remove mask or respirator as described.

Step 4: Sanitize

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately.

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