Iso-T 505 - Indoor Isolation System for Infectious Disease (Coronavirus, Ebola)

Due to the small particles of the Coronavirus, Hydroxyl Radical is added to the filters of the negative pressure.

Iso-T 505 Life Saving System

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The Iso-T 505 Indoor Isolation System is a fully automated system that uses both negative and positive air pressure technologies to create a clean and isolated environment. The system is mobile and fast-deployment. The isolated environment provides an effective and versatile solution for airborne contagious disease such as tuberculosis, measles, Ebola, chickenpox, coronavirus, etc. The Iso-T 505 is customizable and has been designed and developed using extensive field experience to provide optimal solutions for medical teams. Indoor usage only. In outdoor situations, a large tent would be needed. Features:

  • Decontamination lobby
  • Restroom unit
  • Automated Sewage-Disposal System
  • Automated Waste-Disposal System
  • Auto-Chlorination Unit
  • Climate Control System
  • "Panic" Mode

The Iso-T 505 system features:

  • Isolated entrance hall for preliminary deployment and preparation. It allows medical personnel and staff to enter/exit the system without exposing themselves or tampering with the isolation conditions within the system.
  • 1 hosting room (5 x 5 meters) to contain two patients simultaneously under full isolation conditions.
  • Climate control system to allow operators to fully control and monitor the system's inner environment.
  • Waste and sewage disposal system enables safe and isolated disposal of discharges.
  • HEPA technologies to control and prevent polluted air or particles from entering the system.
  • Negative pressure blowers (H14 99,999 filtration efficiency) enable a complete filtered exchange of the entire air volume within the system 40 times per hour.

The IsoT 505 pack to:

  • 6 Boxes: 230cm x 130cm x 140cm, 150kg
  • 1 Box: 250cm x 75cm x 100cm, 350kg
  • 1 Box: 250cm x 75cm x 100cm, 200kg
  • 2 Boxes: 230cm x 130cm x 140cm, 130kg
  • 1 Box: 110cm x 110cm x 110cm, 120kg
  • 1 Box: 230cm x 150cm x 100cm, 150kg

The modular platform can be separated into smaller units.


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