Posted by Fred Koenig on Jul 1st 2022

ROMI Medical and New York Microscope Company Announce Donation to Support Ukraine and AFYA Foundation

ROMI Medical and New York Microscope Company announce a donation of medical supplies totaling more than $140,000 to AFYA Foundation to help support those in need in the Ukraine and surrounding areas impacted by the violence occurring there. Donations include medical supplies, surgical and disposable gowns, masks, disinfecting wipes, all-purpose wipes, and COVID-19 rapid tests.

Both ROMI Medical and New York Microscope Company are happy to be able to help the Ukrainian medical community as well as the people in Ukraine and the surrounding region who are impacted by violence. These two U.S.-based companies are dedicated to philanthropic efforts and to supporting health care professionals who make in difference in the lives of individuals and who impact the greater good of the world.

New York Microscope Company, a woman-owned small business, has been very fortunate to have survived the hardships caused by the pandemic. Owner Ossnat Koenig says, "We feel now is our time to give to others during difficult periods and support the life-saving efforts of the medical professionals who are there on the front lines every day."

AFYA Foundation is an excellent outreach group, routinely helping underserved areas find access to medical supplies. The donations provided by ROMI Medical and New York Microscope Company have furthered their reach and helped them target the desperate needs in Ukraine.

Danielle Butin, Founder and Executive Director of AFYA Foundation details how and why the donations provided by ROMI Medical and New York Microscope Company are so important -- "This donation is helping the Afya Foundation to mobilize in real-time following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops are pouring over the Ukrainian border and are indiscriminately attacking Ukrainian cities. Medical providers in Ukraine as well as those along the border supporting refugees are in desperate need of medical and humanitarian supplies. We plan to ensure these heroes have the tools they need to save lives."

New York Microscope Company and ROMI Medical remain committed to supplying quality medical devices and personal protective equipment while standing prepared to assist in future natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

About New York Microscope Company

New York Microscope Company is a leader in the field of microscope sales and service as well as personal protective equipment. Their brand is highly esteemed in the medical community and has picked up steam and become known in other industries as well. You can find New York Microscope Company represented in hospitals, clinics, industry, laboratories, schools, gemologist facilities, and in the homes of hobbyists. With an eye on the best possible products and impeccable service, they offer a full range of microscopes and in-house repair and maintenance services.

About ROMI Medical

ROMI Medical is a sister company to New York Microscope Company and is a leading provider in personal protective equipment (PPE). Their worldwide focus and reach have made them an international leader and the company of choice for many governmental agencies, medical and industrial institutions, doctors, hospitals, laboratories, public and private institutions and more.

About AFYA Foundation

AFYA Foundation provides an environmentally sensitive, community-oriented solution to help address the critical shortage of medical supplies in communities around the world. AFYA Foundation routinely collects unused medical supplies and equipment and gives them a second life in regions where they are most needed and where there is no access under normal circumstances. AFYA is committed to supporting the medical needs of underserved people and bringing them lifesaving medical supplies and durable medical equipment. They play a critical role in supporting the Ukrainian medical community and the people they serve during this tumultuous time.

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