ABX Pentra 60 C+ Hematology Analyzer

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  • Closed tube
  • 26 parameters
  • CBC / 5 Part DIFF
  • Data management on stand-alone PC.
  • Micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC : 30 µL - DIFF: 53 µL) 
  • Cytochemistry, Impedance (real cell volume measurement) & Optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbance) - DHSS* Technology.
  • Perfect homogenization of blood samples with reagents - MDSS** Technology.
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Throughput: Up to 60 samples/hour

Reagents: Only 4 onboard reagents and 1 diluent

Perfect differentiation of the 5 WBC sub-populations with DHSS* Technology

3 histograms for RBC, BAS/WBC and PLT together with the 5 DIFF Matrix.

Basophils counted through specific channel

High resolution matrix includes the determination of 2 additional subpopulations (% and #): Atypical Lymphocytes (ALY***) and Large Immature Cells (LIC***)

* DHSS : Double Hydrodynamic Sequential System
*** RUO parameters (Research Use Only)