Posted by Fred Koenig on Jan 13th 2022

Industrial vs Medical Gloves: What You Need to Know

Using the right equipment and tools for your work is incredibly important, especially when it comes to personal protective equipment such as gloves. Industrial grade gloves and medical grade gloves serve incredibly important roles, but they are also different in what they offer.

Because of the differences between the two, it’s crucial to ensure that you choose suitable gloves for your needs. You should have a thorough understanding of the differences between industrial gloves and medical gloves so that you pick the best option based on how they will be used. Both industrial grade gloves and medical grade gloves are designed for maximum durability and strength, but they offer different types of protection based on what they will be in contact with.

Medical grade gloves are also subject to additional standards and certifications that industrial grade gloves are not. Because of the varying requirements for medical grade gloves, they must be chosen carefully if being used in a healthcare setting. 

What are nitrile industrial grade gloves used for?

Nitrile industrial grade gloves are used in settings where punctures and chemical use are more likely to happen. Depending on the industrial use, there are multiple options available for low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk applications.

Because the gloves are designed to be puncture-resistant and chemical-resistant, they are best suited for specific jobs. Sectors that use industrial grade gloves include the automotive industry, salon, and spas, janitorial and sanitation, food services, painting, and more. However, they must also provide the right amount of tactile sensitivity so they can be used effectively while still providing protection.

The protection and comfort that is offered when using industrial grade gloves differ because of the materials they come into contact with. In addition, industrial grade gloves need to provide personal protection against chemicals, potential punctures, and other risks.

When evaluating industrial gloves for use, one of the key features to look at is whether they offer the right grip needed for their application and what kind of protection coverage they offer. Industrial use often means contact with harsh chemicals and sharp edges, which is why industrial gloves must be puncture-resistant and chemical-resistant.

For example, our Shamrock Industrial Nitrile Gloves Textured 10000 Series are specifically designed for industrial use and have the features needed for maximum durability and comfort when being used. The Shamrock Industrial Nitrile Gloves are fully textured, which makes its gripping capabilities stronger, and are designed to provide ultimate protection from punctures and chemical splashes.

The Shamrock Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves 808120 Series are another excellent option for heavy-duty industrial gloves. The Shamrock Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves are designed for high-risk situations and provide more protection in applications including chemical emergencies, automotive, aircraft maintenance, and firefighters. The Shamrock industrial grade gloves are a good example of how industrial gloves must be able to balance tactile sensitivity with a solid protective barrier to provide maximum personal safety while being used.

What are medical grade gloves used for?

As you might have guessed, medical grade gloves are disposable gloves used in the medical setting for examinations and other uses. Medical grade gloves differ from industrial grade gloves because they must have FDA approval to ensure they can be used in medical settings and that they offer the level of safety and security needed. Therefore, even if industrial grade gloves are constructed from similar materials like medical grade gloves, they will not be categorized as such unless they have FDA approval.

Medical grade gloves are designed under different standards of safety and protection because of what they might potentially come into contact with. The risk of blood-borne pathogens, biohazardous materials, and contamination is significantly higher in the healthcare field, and medical grade gloves must be durable and robust enough to provide protection. Although latex is a common material used in disposable gloves, it can cause an allergic reaction or irritation for some. That’s why alternatives such as nitrile gloves are being used more.

While latex gloves are still commonly available and used the industry has since evolved to include materials such as nitrile gloves to create a more comfortable experience without compromising safety. Overall, medical grade gloves are constructed to be stronger than industrial grade gloves for use in examinations, surgeries, and more.

Medical grade gloves must be unpowdered according to FDA guidelines in order to ensure a sterilized and clean experience. An example of medical grade gloves would be a product like Synmax Vinyl-Nitrile Hybrid Examination Gloves Latex-Free FDA 510(k), which is fully designed for the healthcare field. The SynMax examination gloves offer enhanced tactile sensitivity and tensile strength, making them easy to use while still providing a strong protective barrier.

Whether you’re using industrial grade gloves or medical grade gloves, the underlying consideration should always be protection when looking at options. If you are not sure what kind of gloves would be best for your individual needs, think about what settings the gloves will be used in, what materials they will come in contact with, and what kind of protection the gloves must offer. For medical grade gloves, it’s vital to ensure that you are choosing gloves that are FDA-certified so that they can be used in a healthcare setting.

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